Your brand represents you + your values.

This is at the top of my list for a reason! This is the most important part of building a solid brand. This is your first impression with your future clients, and you want to give them a complete look into who you are as a person + why they should trust you! If you value authenticity, then you need to show up as your authentic self in your business. If you value adventure, then you need to show the adventurous side of yourself. Whatever your values are as a business owner, you need to communicate those so clearly with your future clients through your brand! 

Your brand is a promise to your clients to help solve their problems

The best way to look at this is like this:

Define who you are and where you want your business to grow into. Really think about who your target audience is, what they like to do, what they’re looking for, etc.

Ask yourself WHAT the problem is that you need to solve. If your target audience is outdoorsy, adventurous, easy-going couples, their problem could be that there are very few adventurous elopement photographers who truly know the ins and outs of planning an epic elopement. You become their solution when your brand exudes the knowledge you have of hiking, what to pack for an adventurous elopement, locations and the best times of the year to visit, knowing when the best time to shoot their elopement, knowing the trails and being prepared, etc. Become your target audience’s solution based off of what YOU want out of your business.

Your brand is a combination of storytelling, design, and experience. 

Your overall storytelling, design, and experience go far beyond the aesthetics of your brand. Your brand serves to elevate each part of your client experience. Whether that is through packaging, booking gifts, informational brochures and magazines, your main goal is to give your brand a feeling. When people receive something from you or see a post, they can expect to FEEL [adventurous, joyful, intentional, etc.] because that is what your brand exudes. The way you’re able to intertwine your brand’s values with your own values and show that through your brand – through your website copy, captions, blog posts – the more you create a connection with your dream client. The design of your brand is the final step in providing the clarity your client’s are looking for. It shows them that you’re consistent and cohesive, they know what to expect from you and they trust that. When they see your logo, colors, brand icons, marketing materials, your future client immediately associates your brand with the feeling that you’ve got them covered. When you’re able to accomplish that, your brand will do the work for you. 

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