Mikaela and Jesse are the kind of people that make you FEEL loved, without having to say a single word. Their elopement was everything they wanted it to be and nothing else, and that’s what made it so, so special.

Mikaela and Jesse wanted to say their vows privately, in Joshua Tree, on top of boulders, that overlooked the desert, and that’s EXACTLY what they found; to have that moment to remember forever, just the two of them, and that’s exactly what happened.

These two put their trust in me from the very beginning as their photographer, they had me ordained, and asked me to officiate their wedding in the middle of the dessert. It was SO incredibly special – a moment that I will truly remember forever. They wanted it to be just them (& me following along to capture it all), and that is what they got. It was just us with a vast desert surrounding us. They rented out an AirBnB and came back for their reception together. They pulled up their song on Jesse’s phone and danced to it as the sun went down. It was truly beautiful. This is what it’s all about, always.

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